Tic-Toc Grandfather Clock (Part Three)

 Tic-toc goes the Grandfather Clock
 I felt the change take hold over the period of just a few weeks. Dunlop said nothing of it. I sensed he’d seen it all before. He fed me when needed, and allowed me time to myself when not. The passage of days became marked by my…I can only say alterations.
 My skin took on a burnished tone as brass newly polished, my eyes unblinking and dry. It was fascinating, although I should rather have viewed it on another. But it was what took place beneath the epidermal layer that jarred: blood oozing, more sap than flowing life; heart moving to a pendulum-like motion, no longer a pulsing organ.
 I rarely left my Grandfather’s chamber. I simply did not wish it. Instead, I luxuriated in the opulence of Grandfather’s gathered curios. Sun and moon dawdled beyond the leaded windows and I lost the desire to care which was which. It got to a point where I preferred the darkness. So standing straight for the first time in a week, I rose to close the curtains and found I could not move. That is when Dunlop entered, dour-faced and solemn.
 “Sir, I do believe it is time to meet the others.”
 Tic-toc goes the Grandfather Clock

 (Image courtesy commons.wikimedia.org)

27 thoughts on “Tic-Toc Grandfather Clock (Part Three)

  1. “Sun and moon dawdled beyond the leaded windows”, is my absolute fave sentence of all time–brilliant. This chapter/episode really sets us up to breathlessly anticipate the next one–go, Richard!!

  2. Ooh part 2, I didn’t see till checking my emails again. Wonderful, so he’s turning into the clock? My interpretation only. I couldn’t help but see Lurch from the Adams family as the butler. You weave your words well, wonderful writing. β˜•οΈπŸ“ƒ

  3. Reblogged this on Tell me about it and commented:
    TIC-TOC GRANDFATHER CLOCK (PART THREE) you have to read 1 & 2 but 3 makes you want to read 4. Wonder where he’ll take us next? Awesome if you don’t already read Richard’s blog, I highly recommend it! πŸ˜€

  4. “Holy fuck what a great night catching up with Sir Richard and his flaming pen”

    Sir Richard
    Howling at the Fucking Moon (((Awhoooo)))
    I should avoid reading your blog for a few days at a time, then get blasted with you artistry.
    Each one tonight was, is brilliant. Tic Toc, is my favourite. Please more. Maybe even flash back to when Grandfather was alive just for a kick, would make a very good novel to read…should consider it.

    Cheers and Face Licks to you, I bow my crown and wag my tail

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