Tic-Toc Grandfather Clock (Finale)

 Tic-toc goes the Grandfather Clock.
 “They are yours to care for now, sir.”
 I had made it to the attic almost completely thanks to Dunlop’s aid. He had pulled and tugged and beckoned me on until we stood before the old, padlocked door. The ticking that I had thought my own sole infirmity rang tenfold there. When Dunlop threw open the door and lighted the oil lamp it had increased beyond aural capability. I had almost cried.
 There were hundreds of them. From pocket watch to carriage clock, carriage clock to pillar & scroll, the dusty floorboards was littered with them. Each individual timepiece looked to me in turn all with once human eyes. They had lost their master, their Grandfather, their maker, the grandest clock of all; I was their new Lord.
 Generations of automaton lay before me, as Dunlop drew back musty curtains to reveal them for what they truly were. Some would have damned them, others destroyed them, I would cherish them. Some needed slight adjustment, others just a few caring words, but at my arrival and positioning at their centre the disparate noise grew synchronous and I had a reason for being. For the first time in my life the boy born with a silver spoon knew what it meant to have purpose.
 My life would be one of preserving that which humanity cherishes most: Time. For what is time without clocks to measure it?
 Tic-toc goes the Grandfather and his clocks.

 (Image courtesy commons.wikimedia.org)

43 thoughts on “Tic-Toc Grandfather Clock (Finale)

  1. This made me cry Richard it’s a perfect finale. I love your writing~ you touch hearts in so many ways and you don’t even realize it. I think you’re amazing! Don’t blush just take it and know I’m thankful for you! Carry on! 🙂 Huge hug to you!

  2. Wonderful finish, stop saying you don’t have any skill, or I shall come over there and thump you! 😊
    Enjoyed your chapters in this remarkable short story. So now young man, I kindly ask you to pull your head in, accept the compliments with grace (and being English I know you can do this) hugs from 0z land 😛

  3. I have enjoyed these episodes from start to finish, Richard. And what a beautiful finish. The writer in me wants to know if you knew the ending when you started or if it unfolded as the story progressed. Did you know this is how you’d conclude it? It’s almost like it took you, I feel, leading you to where it wanted to go. It’s been an intriguing read and I love the ending. Purpose in everything.
    You really will have to start accepting compliments better. Stop being such a (Yorkshire) man! Ach, you know what I mean. Maybe we all find it difficult to accept praise where it’s due. But take it as your due. It’s deserved.x

    1. I’ll take that LOL
      And no, I write lots of flash fiction as practice for longer pieces. I only wrote more than one chapter because people asked me to.
      I can write however long a story is required even over multiple books without any planning at all. The whole things unfurls in my head almost instantly. At worst, I take notes for later reference. I’m just lucky that way.
      And I really do appreciate your words, and am going to post a short story later today because folks have been so kind about Tic-Toc. Laine Jenson asked if I would do a piece on time travel and horizons. So I have. People may judge me on that if they wish 🙂

      1. I do that too! In fact, I can only decide what something will be called after it’s finished because I don’t know where it’s going till I get there. Except for those ones where it comes like a bolt and you just know that’s where it’s going!
        I think it’s marvellous that it unfolds like that because it makes it exciting for the writer as well as the reader. Otherwise I would feel I was writing a paper for an assignment with clear cut routes and little possibility for direction change. In other words, I’d get bored.
        I’ll look forward to the time travel one and no judgements here as it’s one of my favourite subjects. I’m pretty sure we already do it in our sleep. But that’s a whole other story (partially written!) and needing scientific research that’s beyond me. Thank god for imagination, eh?
        Let you crack on. You’ve got time to deal with and an audience awaiting. 🙂

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