Time-lapse Life

 Living in sections with gaps in between.
 Memories are fleeting, insubstantial ghosts;
 Even ghosts lived once though.
 Lucidity beckons, as does a yearning for clarity.
 But when it is the moments you don’t remember,
 When it is the snapshots that hold the key,
 Then how can you be sure if you’ve ever really lived at all?
 Such are the tribulations of a time-lapse mind.
 The only assurance being that there is none to be had,
 And if there was, you wouldn’t remember it.

34 thoughts on “Time-lapse Life

  1. Love this Richard and so true. I have many of those time lapse moments and love them:) We live since time immemorial in society/systems which constantly need to prove its very existence, whereas the irony is, there is absolutely nothing to prove.

      1. Are you not enjoying my posts lately – am I falling off course? FEEDBACK is a welcoming learning tool – it doesn’t always have to be positive, one cannot learn to become better or more interesting, without knowing what their followers take away from what they read/see/hear.

      2. If they come up in my reader, I read them and like them, but I very rarely know what to say. You’ll have to forgive me not commenting all the time because I just don’t like to.

      3. Sometimes you don’t like them either *sigh* – i don’t always like commenting myself – other times the Jewish Guilt from my ancestors kick in and I feel compelled to – other times I’m blown away and want to. Then there are times when I do so in the middle of the night and wish that I hadn’t! LOLOLOLOL 😉

      4. I do the same, but not on the phone – via laptop. I find the phone app doesn’t always show all the new posts, all the new notifications and is missing far too much than the actual PC version has. Without the Reader I’d never know who was posting, what, where and when. 😉

  2. Have shared this with my son who is just undertaking a challenging time-lapse photography assignment for his Photography A Level. It really resonates with me because he is focussing it on an old mental asylum

  3. “then how can you be sure if you’ve ever really lived at all?” absolutely brilliant! I wonder about this question so very often, a puzzle I thoroughly enjoy 🙂 and then I shrug, because it doesn’t really matter if it’s real or not. The experience of life happening is fascinating nevertheless…
    p.s. apologies for spamming your comment box’eseseses this morning, just such a great read bringing on the reflective mind!!

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