Rain or Shine

 She stood beneath an umbrella. I couldn’t tell you if it was from rain or shine, I was mesmerised. I remember her foot tapping, or splashing, or something; her dark hair pooling about her shoulders, she was perfect. When she looked my way copper-coloured eyes blinking, I thought I should die. People must have thought I’d lost it, flipped, or worse, as I stood there gawping like a hungry puppy. I barely even noticed the bus pull up, my heartbeat dip, my world tear apart until it departed. She was gone; I was broken. I even missed my own ride in the process, fate just rubbing it in. Funny how life can flip you a deal then rip it away. I think a little piece of me’s still stood there waiting for her out there in the rain, or shine, or something.

 (Image courtesy of SocialRegression on deviantart.com)