A city suffocates.
 Another Gotham nightfall,
 So black as to soak up the streetlights.
 Rain falls on the gothic facades
 Displacing the dirt of generations
 To wash it away with the rest of the city’s detritus;
 The gutters overflow with it.
 Citizens mingle in unfortunate groups,
 In unfortunate places,
 With unfortunate results.
 The stench of humankind is everywhere:
 It does not go unnoticed.
 There is one who observes.
 His decision is not who to intervene with,
 But which and when.
 In a city of vice it is its caretaker’s job to decide who is least bad.
 A dark cape flutters backlit by a stubborn moon.
 Those that notice wince;
 Those he watches don’t notice.
 Gotham is protected this night.
 A city breathes again.


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