A Fair Exchange

 In the cool embrace of a slow, southern night, she kissed me. Lit by fireflies too close to be shooting stars, I kissed her back. Bliss.
 The night swept by an eternal mirage until a tangerine sun whispered good day. Hours lost were future years in the finding. A fair exchange.

 (Image courtesy of ghost549 on deviantart.com)

30 thoughts on “A Fair Exchange

  1. I only just realized today that I hadn’t followed you from Spumoni–how horrid you must think I am, my apologies!! Oh well, I’m making amends now, starting the New Year off properly!!

  2. Now don’t you just want to take these words and the others I’ve just read of yours (Paloma, pah!)and make them fit a story? They belong in some gastronomic classic. I’m rolling them on my tongue and savouring and can hear them being quoted as food for the soul.

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