Love in a Lightless World

 Fool in a puddle of streetlight gold, I wait.
 Echoes of a city now dead sweep through concrete arteries; I listen to their memory.
 Something flies past, perhaps, a pigeon, but as likely a jet.
 Everything has changed so much; I’ve left it too long.
 I gaze up, then up again to a window dripped in night; your window, but you are gone.
 You said you’d wait, but so did I.
 So now, as I drown in pools of flickering misery, I must choose:
 Remain or retreat?
 I will linger.
 But I know you’ll never come home.

 (Image courtesy of maxlain on

14 thoughts on “Love in a Lightless World

  1. The vanishing time
    strange as it seemed
    eyes on the door
    remained a stagnant stare
    those steps will not echo
    no more..don’t wait
    don’t go..such was the conversation
    in the mind…will you come…to me
    will you remember this street ?
    will you…….and the voice died
    lashes flickered…

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