The Pure & The Devil

El Diablo seeks our souls,

His taloned hands pounding on Hell’s walls.

We stand our ground,


Hoofed feet aflame step out of the darkness 

Burning with the hurt of the haunted.

We stand our ground,


Sequestered from mankind, the darkness his domain,

He takes a moment to appraise his prey.

We stand our ground,

Appraising he.

Cocking a horned carapace to one side

Unsure of the ones he seeks to torture, he studies us.

We stand our ground,

And breathe.

He is consumed by his ire,

Maddened to the point of insanity.

We stand our ground,

Assured as ice.

As a landslide he advances upon us,

Eyes ablaze and seeking souls.

And we open our eyes that have remained closed,

The light of Heaven pouring forth.

He cannot stand his ground;

For we are pure.

16 thoughts on “The Pure & The Devil

  1. It came from your massively creative and imaginative brain, but I feel you’ve tapped a spiritual truth here. I’ll try to remember it in my next nightmare. Maybe you should have posted a disclaimer with this one? lol.

  2. Each of us has a vision of good and of evil. the choice is ours… but one must follow the good and fight whats evil… beautiful write… quite a dark one… excellent piece… 🙂

  3. OOOOOOO I know this feeling. I’m scared! 😀 I think standing out ground is the best and most maddening. HEY you won’t believe this but this morning I had a similar thought but that finally I had fought and made it to the other side of the darkness. Gosh I hope so. I find that my own darkness is so familiar that sometimes I don’t realize it till I find myself aflame and then I realize it and head back to were I got off the path of sanity! I think! At least that was the thoughts that went through my head! But I seem to be clearest in my thinking before I get up and at peace! Thank God! WE all need a little peace of mind I think! 🙂

      1. Yes. I have all my settings my problem is in the dark it is hard to see so I can adjust. Then there the dog she gets under my feet knocks my tripod over. I guess I should leave her inside but she insists on being outside if I am. 😀 We’ll see what I end up with! 😀

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