Shimmering in satin,
 Firelight flickering,
 Flames scaling the material
 One distracted moment at a time,
 She reclines in repose.
 Engulfing every fibre in a heat,
 A reckless abandonment
 Of the usual laws of nature
 That is matched only
 By the breath of she beneath,
 The licking amber tastes of her.
 Unconcerned, she blinks an eye,
 Scoops away stray locks;
 She wears it so well.
 Yet, it is such a delicate balance,
 A precarious perfection
 With the potentiality for inferno.
 Dare I apply one more coal to the hearth,
 Stir the embers?
 Why not,
 There’s a whole sack to spare.

 (Image courtesy of fallnangeltears on deviantart.com)

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