23 thoughts on “Unique

  1. This is amazing — such a striking layout! And a great message too.
    Though – the perverse, stubborn muse would like to remind you that “ferflesnarkle” has never been used before. 😉

    Love it!

      1. Ohh…! If TWO people use “contrafibularities” that will make it an official word, right?

        The app may do the arranging, but the artist has the final decision on posting the work. So, my hat is still off to you 😉

      2. Daw! How did I miss that?

        I LOVE Blackadder! The show never got a whole lot of time on the telly here in the US — but I LOVE it — perhaps even more than Mr. Bean (which DOES get a lot of air time, even now).

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