The Lie

A serpentine shore, the hissing wind swept across the sands. Lifeless and barren, the beach echoed with the memories of heroes butchered and cowards tears. But what choice did I have, as I pulled my small, wooden boat up onto the inhospitable land.
 Why would I risk my life, my very soul on such a foolhardy adventure, who could say? Perhaps pride drove me to do what others dared not? Perhaps the promised hand of a princess who would never love me in return? Either way, the Isle of the Damned would feel my feet upon its cursed land, and the devils who frequented it would taste my sword.
 I staggered across the grit and gravel towards the rushes that made a dismal barrier between tide and townships. The slight elevation precluded my being seen and me seeing. Good, I thought, better to not witness hell before one had to.
 I dropped to my knees, hands peeling apart the fauna to spy upon the death beyond: a lie!
 Where skull and terror meant to reign, children sang and danced. Where the vilest of demons supposedly loitered in preparation of death, villagers tended fields. And at that moment I knew the truth. The king feared me. I had rowed fifty leagues for vain glory and a hand in marriage that should never have been, for a lie. The king wanted his only challenger dead. Like an idiot, I had fallen foul of deceit.
 I slipped back down the embankment and eyed the maelstrom brewing over the distant waves. Death awaited any man who should retrace their route across those wretched waters. I cared not. Where once I should have remained indifferent to His Majesty’s scheming, I was changed. All he’d done was stoke the fires of my rage. All he’d done was sign his and his ugly daughter’s death warrant. No storm nor distance, no sea god nor leviathan would stop me, they would pay for their lies.
 And, as I shoved my little boat back out into the heaving surf, I smiled. For the first time in years, I had purpose. It felt good to be alive.
 The End.

11 thoughts on “The Lie

  1. I’d like to read more of that story. It has the feel of an Old Testament tale. I was thinking a lot about the lies I’ve believed today too – stupidly waiting for a happy ending.

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