Joy of Imperfection

26 thoughts on “Joy of Imperfection

      1. I gave Pee the note. I got a really wet kiss. I am not certain how to send that to you. Btw – I am totally loving the photo:). You look very wise, with a hint of modern day Shakespearean actor with a really awesome beard, which is totally cool. I am going to have to show Jordan because that kid obsesses over his beard. He will totally dig yours. xxxxx

      1. I’m squeezing two blogs together per your unwitting suggestion 😉 Also, I’m not some country bumpkin who just got off the bus with a chicken. I’m a writer too darn it, and you better pay attention to what I think Lol!

      1. You won’t believe this! I just realized I’m out of coffee and you just reminded me again! It can’t be morning without coffee I know this! Please stop time while I drag my butt back out! I took this afternoon off after I finished Apr. 13 issue. I think! Yes i’m home now! (っ◔‿◔)っ (っ◔‿◔)っ your turn!

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