The Dream Train

Caught in the crossfire

Of nightmares and dreams,

The passing place,

That moment,

When we’re unsure which is which.

Faces, once familiar,

Distorted, slightly wrong,

Appear from the haze at contorted angles

Teeth smiling, 

But in unpleasant ways.

That is where I sit

And wait

And wait

And wait

Attempting not to judge

Lest judgement is passed upon me.

Soon the dream train will come

From one direction or another

And I must decide whether to embark.

A lone ticket sits in my void of a pocket, I think!

I dare not reach in,

Dare not avert my eyes from the moonbeam rail track

And those faces that bid me goodbye

And hello. 

13 thoughts on “The Dream Train

      1. I am good too, Thank you, Richard…just caught up in a erratic busy phase … along with ‘no inspiration’ to write 😦 I suppose the former can lead to latter. Hoping to get back to reading all the beautiful stuff here…regularly and inspire myself or goad myself (if necessary) back into writing 😛

        Take care and have a great week ahead 🙂

  1. Loved this! Wanted to pick out specific points that I enjoyed, but there too many. The first five lines brought me and not word after disappointed!

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