Dedicated to my father-in-law

Hidden tumour, revealed
Presses on brain
Squeezes at eye
In detection it resists
Plum-sized abomination
Skull cracked open
And plum scooped out
Ugly, spiteful, diseased fruit
Now, held together by stitches and glue
We joke, when we thought we should not
A plum-sized fruit decays in a bottle
Good riddance

45 thoughts on “Plum-Sized

  1. I find it hard to find the right words to comment on posts like these, even the times I truly want to . I am liking this in solidarity of sentiment, for my Dad too πŸ™‚ Humour can be a huge positive and definitely good riddance with a side of positive thoughts.

  2. Human life is so fragile as the history of mankind has proven so many times over. Here’s hoping your father-in-law recovers to the point of happiness and good health. May the plum reverse its role to that of and undersized atom!

  3. too laugh at the hideous is to syphon off it’s power, and impart it to ourselves. to laugh is to heal. the levity is fitting and also sobering. I loved this line “Ugly, spiteful, diseased fruit
    Now, held together by stitches and glue” very sensory, and dissonant, but with the right impact.

    all the best to your in-law, and the entirety of the families.

  4. Sending healing thoughts for recovery —
    But — it is very important to try to laugh.
    Got me through my own cancer. Family is always afraid to laugh.

    Hugs —-

      1. LOL!!!!!

        Thanks Richard — hoping for many more to come. It changes you – forever – but you’re stronger for it πŸ™‚

        As long as you learn to laugh πŸ˜‰

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