The sun was out and a gentle, cool breeze was blowing. The perfect excuse for a wander. 

Most of the previous week, although dry, had been cloudy and it was a pleasant change to see blue sky. As per usual, we decided to head for a high point to get a nice view. So we did.

There was no reason to arrive at the top of the Wolds when we did (local rolling hills) nor was there any reason for doing the walk the way we did. Had we eaten early: possibly. Had we not done enough already: probably. So what were the odds of being in that place on that day at that time at that angle, when we’ve done the walk hundreds of times before? Long, I should think. 

And the point to my ramble, you cry? Never once have we seen the shadow of the fence align with the thin path so perfectly. I’d have had trouble drawing it across the undulating surface with such exacting perfection. Coincidence? Possibly. But I think it’s quite remarkable whether it was or not.

19 thoughts on “Coincidence?

      1. But you can paint with your words! šŸ™‚ It’s a great photo, beautiful country path with a beautiful view.

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