No Help Required

Defensive, offensive

She spat out the words

No aid required

As if I’d not heard

Rejected, dejected

I’d just tried to help

No doormat was I

No useless young whelp

Imploring, ignoring

Whilst she on her knees

Why are folk so crazy

What mad worlds are these

Depleted, defeated

I just walked away

That nasty old lady

Got no help that day

Uneasy, so queasy

It all made me feel

When someone needs help

Why must they conceal

30 thoughts on “No Help Required

  1. Folks are crazy, it’s a mad world–and some people don’t want help for all sorts of reasons. You’re a wonderful man, and it’s nice that you care and want to help others. That’s all I can say from my own insanity.

  2. That was a rythm, (have no spelling check), anyways you sounded like M the Eminem….not really actually better. But I will say this, you did need a hug…( creative writting ! gotta love it) want a hug?

  3. I bet the story behind this is interesting. I’s a sad observation that so many of the social courtesies are the first things to go from a damaged or elderly mind…

  4. From my own experience working with the Elderly, they are a proud lot, especially the Baby Boomers… asking for and receiving help is almost a shameful thing for them. They were/are the greatest generation, they aspired to and accomplished great things in their youth, fought wars, raised families on near nothing… so I’ve grown to understand that it’s their pride… you just have to work around it… make them need you without asking for your help. This is a great poem, Richard. It definitely shows how aggravating it can be to offer help and get rejected.

  5. I really enjoy your natural talent to reflect your world in poetry. I’m sorry that happened to you when you were trying to help.Most people are in more pain than they reveal. Aren’t you? BTW my Gemini friend, when is your birthday?

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