Angel of the Morning

She held hands with a sunbeam,

And kissed against the breeze,

A pretty, little angel,

She brought me to my knees.

Her hair was wild as roses,

Her skin like fallen snow,

I’ll think of her forever,

She fills my head with woe.

For she, too free for capture,

Could not be tamed, nor freed.

My angel of the morning,

Your smile in me did seed.

I see you in the waves now,

In every falling leaf,

From you, my dearest darling,

I’ll never have relief.

38 thoughts on “Angel of the Morning

      1. Got it, I go for the ones on sale too and try to keep it on a healthy side. Have a good night, I’m off to do some watercolor… 😊

  1. This is beautiful πŸ™‚ There is a song by the same name I love too that begins: “There’ll be no strings to bind your hands Not if my love can’t bind your heart.” I’m working on an angel poem too, but it seems pale in comparison to this. Perhaps your inspiration will improve my effort πŸ™‚

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