One As Two

In the darkest shade of the widest tree

Sat a fair girl, her smile, and me

Hiding from all of the cruel in the world

Watching forever its fingers unfurled

Grasping as smogs its pollutants so dark

Invading our world within secret park

Stealing our futures, our hopes and our dreams

As never does life end up as it seems

That time was so distant a memory gone

Of life when not everything had been so wrong

And though we still meet beneath shaded tree

I can’t help but think that the smogs got to me

For though I don’t feel any older than then

The clouds have us wrapped in our special den

The lines on our faces all hidden from view

Yet still the day’s best when us ones are two

21 thoughts on “One As Two

  1. Under the shaded tree
    two hearts fluttered so free
    then the rains thundered
    flying got disturbed
    hearts surrendered
    only..if they had continued in rains
    there wouldn’t be now any pain

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