Beer Glass Blues

Staring down a tunnel

Of tubular glass,

A brown ocean flowing

Topped with white surf.

There’s singing,

Or shouting,

Or something,

But I’m trying not to look.

Instead, I flick glances

From my glass 

To the mirror behind the bar

And you.

But you don’t look back.

You lounge

In your denims,

Red chequered blouse,

Top two buttons undone;

Gold crucifix, hanging lazily,

That matches your cornfield hair

And your emerald eyes,

Glinting jewels

Piercing the smogs of the room.

You’re enjoying the song, too.

Never mind.

Such are beer glass blues.

25 thoughts on “Beer Glass Blues

  1. That is a lovely one (the poem and the cornfield hair and emerald eyes woman)! 🙂
    And so it goes: You lounge in your denims – tu-tum tu-tum, Red chequered blouse – tu-tum tu-tum, Top two buttons undone – tu-tum tu-tum, oh Lord…

  2. I love the visual you painted Richard! I see her sitting there too! What’s she listening to?
    Oh …..I got lost there too! I was thinking I should wear my pink checkered shirt’ I like the way you spelled it! I haven’t worn it yet this season! 😄

  3. Definitely sounds like you have a brown ale there. I’ve been there my friend. She sounds so lovely.

    Bottoms up!

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