Hidden in a midnight eve
Darkest vision did perceive
Heart of glass, onyx black
Devil seeking to get back
Locked me with a crimson gaze
Eyes of his, so fierce ablaze
Twisting all that I did know
Deepest thoughts hidden below
And though I wished to hasten, run
Scatter like a dying sun
I stood my ground against his will
Defied him though I felt quite ill
And turned my thoughts to you, my love
He couldn’t touch me whilst above
And though he threatened, scrambled, raged
His pleas for death, I did evade
To curse him, spiteful, send him back
The Devil failed, badass packed

35 thoughts on “Badass

  1. Badass I don’t have time for these people Richard, just show me who it is and me and F will kick their ars. Really don’t you grow weary of this??? I do! I’m just going to lose F on them! That makes me laugh!

  2. I hope that one day I grow to be as talented a writer as you are. You inspire me to be better and I thank you for that! I look forward to your future posts filling up my feed!

  3. Whoa, Richard!!! I am covered in goosebumps. This is SO powerful and man oh man did I ever feel your Heart behind these words!!! Fabulous pen, my friend! The emotional depth to this poem blew me away!!! WOW! ❀

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