The Reassurance Of Same

Atmosphere of oppressive gloom,
Lightless is the day;
Cars blink in headlight necessity,
The school children seeming lost.
Summer, departed, a confusion of season
And zodiac signs.
I watch it all from the same seat of the same coffee house,
With the same drink in the same place,
An uncaring smile upon my lips.

8 thoughts on “The Reassurance Of Same

  1. I don’t have the gift of poetry and I suffer a great case of poet’s envy (or maybe I should call if phantom poesy pain) whenever I see someone express themselves in a poetic form that particularly resonates with me.

  2. I write what I feel too.. it’s just my feelings tend to express themselves in stream of consciousness type prose. I promise you, my attempts at poetry are about as well received as my attempts to sing, which usually look a little something like this:

  3. You’ve touched on a universal phenomenon Richard, I think we all appreciate “sameness” , we like our routines, we don’t like surprises , and the same old thing is usually the peace we so desire. Beautiful poetry.

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