Windswept Kisses

North wind: a kiss to make your lips blue, the zing of winter upon you, chilled bliss.

East wind: an infrequent visitor in shawls of grey, brisk and damp her kiss to each cheek.

West wind: ocean’s breath, her kiss the saline stuff of dreams, passionate and strong.

South wind: warm and enveloping, an oasis in the desert, smiling as the veil slips she takes your breath away.

31 thoughts on “Windswept Kisses

      1. Oh I seriously didn’t realize you said gust, even with quotation mark gosh… My mind went to guest, but then It also sounded weird and without connection lol 😀

      2. I am usually very observant, but I had a crazy day at work cause I’m going on vacation tomorrow, so I guess I lost it a little lol 😄

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