Oceans Of Thought

Within my mind I see such things
Some so beautiful as to melt the heart
Others not
There is no break from the daytime dreams
Nor nighttime terrors
And to absorb them would overwhelm
So I write
And I bleed
And pour out my soul
Will these oceans of thought ever run dry
And where will I be
If they do

45 thoughts on “Oceans Of Thought

  1. Great poem!
    Our thoughts will always be there.

    It made me think of how our thoughts, our emotions are like the ocean. The sweet..kind..compassion..loving thoughts
    are set adrift calmly that glides us on top of the waves.
    The thoughts of fear..anger..hurt..are waves so powerful they pull us under. They crash us into rocks, pulling us out deeper into the ocean. They leave us tattered and gasping for air…

    However, we all reach the shore. Sometimes riding a calm wave.
    Sometimes crashing into to the shore.

    Great poem!

  2. Sort of curious to see what’s underneath and at the same time terrified of a world without sea. Beautiful alagories *

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