The Shower

Showering with
the window wide,
rain a tumbling
down outside,
Sound so soothing,
air so clear,
uncaring if
the neighbours near.
This is freedom.
This is bliss.
This is nature’s
sensual kiss.
A perfect dusk
for being alone,
but thankful still
this shower’s at home.

26 thoughts on “The Shower

  1. I think it’s neat to write funny/fun stuff from time to time, although mine don’t usually go over well. This was definitely fun.

      1. When I read this one I’m thinkin you are in your personal shower and left out the photo as you just weren’t ready for worldwide exposure of this kind just yet. : ) Ha ha.

  2. Tiny drops with so much power
    i still like the clouds that showers
    standing like a rock in middle of road
    I open my arms to collect the load
    no one can..and same with me
    raindrops fall on my head to please…
    Love you! Rains….

    PS 🙂 last line was not in rhyme….

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