Yesterday’s Lunch

A creeping, sneering, scheming bunch

They set their teeth, your bones to crunch

To masticate and chew you up

Yes, every bit even your butt

That might sound crude, a bit uncouth

But listen, friend, for here’s the truth

Those terrors in your basement deep

Are waiting for your soul to reap

So don’t go down there, don’t give in

Don’t hesitate or think to sin

For I can’t be here watching you

When I, instead, am dining too

Yes, you heard right, I’m one of they

They pulled down just yesterday

And I can feel my fangs and claws

So eager to start sampling yours

To crush and grind your form, your life

And then to start upon your wife

For now, I’ll just bid you farewell

I’ll see you later on in Hell

51 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Lunch

  1. This reminded me of a creepy, old basement of a house we lived in until I was second grade. Oh was I scared of that place… There were always sounds coming from it :{

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