The Fear Deal

I wrote this ditty as a prelude to a later piece. The wonderful R (please check out her site it’s really very good) is apparently immune to fear. She reckons she’s unscarable. We will see. I’ll soon put my mind to that little dilemma. For now, this.

I know a girl who says she’s unscarable

That terrible tension to her is quite bearable

Regardless of daggers and monsters and ghouls

She laughs in their faces and tells them they’re fools 

But I’ve got a plan that is simply deplorable

To send such a chill as to be quite deplorable

A tale so frightening that butter will melt

And when R is writing, her words all misspelt 

Because in her folly she’s made a mad deal

The content of which, I cannot reveal

But needless to say in such things, I’m a devil

And in scaring her silly, this fellow will revel 

31 thoughts on “The Fear Deal

      1. Sleep well and let the fairies sprinkle star dust on your pen (key board) and ideas will just flow in the morning šŸ˜‰

  1. How in the world did I miss this?!!

    It’s never too late
    To say
    It’s too bad
    A little sad
    I am already
    in the awe
    of the Devil
    He owns my heart..
    May be just
    My words…
    It’s no secret
    Haven’t you heard?

    It’s will suffice to say that Dear Sir, you have failed in your endeavour to scare me.

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