Lost in Liquidity

In the heart of the ocean,

Where turquoise slips to blue,

A mermaid tears pour forth.

She weeps for the kelp

That strain for the light

And the fish that play in their tendrilike yards.

She cries for the wrecks 

And the souls lost to sea,

The sailors and sailed,

And those creatures they hunted.

She pours out emotion

To small beasts and large,

From leviathan to coral,

And each grain of sand.

Inconsolable, she hides her face

Behind viridian fingers

And rues her lot.

For most of all, she weeps for herself,

And the loss of her flickering realm.

She is the last of her kind,

No more of the mer-folk remain.

Like her tears, they’ve diluted away 

And shall never return.

As lost in liquidity

As they are to time,

The ocean all the poorer for it.

34 thoughts on “Lost in Liquidity

  1. Very magical, Richard. I can picture illustrations for this in a children’s book that any little girl would love… but might make them sad and start to cry as well… since the mer-folk are all extinct! lol! Seriously, though, I loved it!

      1. I think many pieces you write lend themselves so well to illustrations, since you create such rich imagery. You are a natural when it comes to children’s books as well 🙂

  2. A fitting tribute for the present when everyone seems to be looking up (at the space station) rather than down at the faltering seas. Damn, I’m never gonna get to wear that mermaid tail ..
    I would definitely love to see an illustration for this one – if you get chance 🙂

  3. Your poem is very beautiful and sentimental. What makes it special to me is that you have written it. The ability for a man to write something like this is admirable. Thank you!

  4. Your poor mermaid has been crying since man’s ancestors crawled out of the brine onto land. Perhaps she is responsible for rising ocean levels instead of global warming . . . ?
    This is beautifully written, evokes strong emotions and vivid images. Great work!

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