The Girl By The window

The girl by the window,

Ephemeral flare,

She sits all alone

As the wind stirs her hair,

Just gazing at cobwebs 

Which drift in the light,

Smiling to no one,

Her lips pinched quite tight.

The world moves about her,

But she doesn’t drift.

The space between us,

It cuts like a rift.

And though I don’t know her,

Not even her name,

I know she’s the one

And she knows the same.

37 thoughts on “The Girl By The window

  1. The girl by the window
    has dreams in her eyes
    not so blank ..
    that gaze towards the sky
    although she seems alone
    but she is not
    she got a companion
    invisible yet kind
    she smiles so lovingly
    look she blushes too
    what goes in her mind
    do you have any clue;)

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