issue 3 artists

Great to be in this fantastic magazine again and congratulations to everyone else. 🙂


The selections are in!

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted.

I’ve e-mailed each of you about your submissions. If you submitted and did not receive an email please let me know by emailing or commenting below.

Congratulations to:


Richard Mark Ankers

Charly Priest

Raili Tanska

Writer of Light

Francesca Aspromonte

Erica Williams

Reticent Mental Property

Christy Draper

Leah Wise

Melissa A. Wood


Dara Reidyr

Please check back on January 22 to get your copy of issue 3, Joy.

Submit to issue 4 now.

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21 thoughts on “issue 3 artists

  1. The second author in the list, Richard Marks Ankers, sounds so familiar. I’m trying to recall who Mr. Ankers is. I am sure I’ve read somewhere his works… Hehehe! 🙂

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