Requiem to Goodbye



A state of flux,

The transition from birth to life to death.

Yet, here I am beyond,

Changed, but not.

Ensconced in night,

Wrapped in shade,

I mull over a soul departed,

Whilst my essence remains.



Midnight has renewed

What midday sort to strip,

Obsidian obliterated gold.

And although I feel nothing,

Wish for nothing,

Would die for nothing, except, except…

There is still you.

Yes, you.

I would slaughter it all

For you;

Ride infinity’s tides

For you;

Kill all,

For you.

I would tear down eternity,

Strip away time,

Repaint the universe crimson

And laugh at the stars.

I would.

I could.

I will.

Yet, I pause.

Incisors hover, halt, retract,

Cannot strike,

Cannot bring you back,

Return and rebuild you,

My Immortal, the one I have found after so long.

I won’t.

I can’t.

I shan’t.

Love remains.

Love forces my hand.

And, as I lie you down,

Replacing earth one crumb at a time,

Recovering that which should not have been uncovered,

I weep.

Not for me.

Not even for you.

I weep for she who turned,

Killed and remade me.

She who will know forever in darkness,

As I stand before one last sunrise

And smile.

—see you soon.

—see you soon.

—it’s beautiful to say goodbye.

21 thoughts on “Requiem to Goodbye

  1. The other commentator said itΒ΄s beautiful, I would also add it is kind of haunting in a way. Plus IΒ΄m still scratching my head to know if I really got if you killed someone else, if you killed another part of you….. mysterious Richard. Or IΒ΄m too stupid to understand which can be another one. Either way was a great read as always.

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