City Nights

Streetlights make tangerine marshmallows of the drifting clouds, everything’s unusual, everything’s not right. A rat skitters by and doffs his cap. I don’t think it odd, but do think a deerstalker would suit it better. Is this madness, or just city life? I no longer know. The concrete twists beneath my feet, ragged hedgerows spewing forth birds of litter. A girl with wheeled feet flies off in the opposite direction towed by an ugly dog in a Broncos jacket. It’s time to go home. But, I can’t remember which house is mine, they all look the same. Never mind, I’ll choose the one with the best curtains and go in. What’s the worst that could happen?

25 thoughts on “City Nights

  1. you’ll be shot for trespassing a house which is not yours… or worst, you wife is right behind the door holding a mallet angry at you for going home so late in the night! hahaha! 🙂

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