50 Word Stories: Hitler’s Ghost

He commanded a propensity to exaggerate. A demon of ill-word and bad manners, Hitler’s ghost continued his verbal lambasting as though he’d never died at all.
So, I did what the world should’ve done years earlier, I turned my back and left. He soon shut up; little men always do.

15 thoughts on “50 Word Stories: Hitler’s Ghost

  1. You just did what Simone Weil wrote ones (google translated from a Swedish translation, sorry if it’s a weird translation) “H can not be left out of the grandeur without simultaneously conception of greatness undergoes a radical change”
    You change the meaning of greatness with your story, you make small men small. Great story!

  2. A team of forensic scientists are saying that hitler may not have committed suicide and had been alive after world war 2. The skull they found in Hitler’s bunker was assumed to be of a woman. I wonder….. Has he fathered a child?

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