A Kiss on the Wind. (Micro-Fiction)

“She’s special,” he whispered.
“Was,” said I.
“She’d do the same for me.”
“She wouldn’t if she loved you.”
“Are you saying she didn’t love me?”
“No,” I replied. “Just that death is as much a part of life as life itself.”
“I don’t understand?”
“It’s like a kiss on the wind, you know it’s there even if you don’t feel it.”
“She loved the wind, storms. She’d go for walks in the wildest weather. I’d watch her from the window as she revelled in it, her hair like long grass on the plains. Nothing could contain her.”
“You can, you always could. Let her go, Dan. It’s time to let her go.”

Fingers unraveled. A ghost drifted away. I felt her like a kiss on the wind, my sister released. Dan wept, but the tempest smiled.

17 thoughts on “A Kiss on the Wind. (Micro-Fiction)

  1. The breeze that flipped my hem
    that messed my hair
    reminded me someone
    some who cared
    The tantalizing sensations
    are now within me like
    clouds filled with promise to rain

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