A Book’s Legacy

I never buy a book,
I earn the right to house it.
I never read a book,
I live it, every word of every page.
I never forget a book,
as I carry it in my heart always.

38 thoughts on “A Book’s Legacy

  1. Wonderful! My reading has fallen off, I need to get back into the books. I love them, the smell, musty or brand new, I love to escape in the pages unable to pull myself away. There’s nothing like reading a good book.

  2. Dear god, this is ME! I have said each and every one of those words, far less eloquently of course, but I have said them to so many friends over the years. Books were *everything* to me as a child and even now I go through at least 2 a week, even with the lack time. I may just print your words and stick them on my wall πŸ™‚

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