The Wolf Among Us: Golden.


The lifespan of wolves made it difficult for Luna. No sooner would she grow attached to one than nature would take it from her. She never really settled with the pack.

I did my best for my daughter, acted as I thought a father should, but my turning presented problems. I would never have hurt her, I knew that now, but she couldn’t bear to see my pain. For her part, Luna never became a wolf. Even when she came of age, she did not make the change. It drove her away and almost destroyed me.

When the last of the pack did not return, trapped and killed by man, I set out to find my daughter. There was nothing left for me in the wilderness, only memories.

Pretending to be normal was the hardest part. I ingratiated myself into every bar in every town, but nobody knew of the girl with the golden hair. Until one long summer, that was.

I left the frontier behind and headed for the ocean. I had a hunch, but nothing definite. Mankind faded away to memory as the wild encompassed all. There in nature’s untrampled perfection, I allowed the wolf to remain for speed and endurance. The miles hurtled by. That was my undoing.

The shot came from nowhere; the bullet struck true. The man that was king fell as the sun did set, and life ebbed away in crimson rivulets. My hunter approached with caution, golden hair billowing in the north wind. It was Luna, of course, she’d tracked me all along until sure we were alone.

She said she did it for her momma, and for me. We belonged together in heaven, not apart in hell. Luna held me tight, wouldn’t leave me alone, her hair burning beneath the sunset. She was so beautiful, so alive, so wolf.

My final breath was as a man. My final sight that of a majestic, golden wolf running off into a fiery future. It might have been Luna, or it might have a god, either way, she couldn’t have looked more alive.

Part One: here

Part Two: here

17 thoughts on “The Wolf Among Us: Golden.

  1. The wolf is one of my favorite animals. Wolves hunt for sustenance but will not attack human beings unless pressed to save their own. That makes your final twist a poignant end in my mind. Beautifully written, Richard 🙂

  2. I read all parts of this last night and thought I would save you the embarrassment by not commenting. But. I changed my mind lol! Because this story totally captured me, all the way to tears… there really must be some wolf in me, I’m doubting it less and less (!) 🙂
    Amazing amazing writing, Richard! Every time I find time to visit this space of yours, I’m stunned by the images and feelings you paint with your words. In fact, you are one of the reasons I can’t write anymore lol. There’s no point, when I see yours.

      1. I totally understand, because I’m not sure I believe your words either 🙂 but still moving to hear. You though honestly have no reason for doubt!!! (see, just providing you with more words to doubt 😉 very kind of me)

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