The Answer (Drabble)

Would the end of the world spell the end of all things, or the beginning of something else? A question that needed to be answered. That’s why I built my rocket and headed to the moon. There, I set up shop and waited.

The end came in a trillion explosions of sunburst and gloom. I saw it all from my window unable to breathe in all that death.

I still don’t know the answer though I’m waiting with hope in my heart. I pray it comes soon. An answer’s not worth a dime if you’ve nobody to share it with.

7 thoughts on “The Answer (Drabble)

  1. Don’t worry, the answer is a new beginning. In that new beginning I hope you find a friend of the same gender, so you don’t repopulate another planet and cause the same thing humans did on this one. But have fun.:) Although I’m almost positive it’s lonely on the moon when you’re all by yourself. Perhaps you can go by the beings inside the moon. Just walk around a bit and you’ll see ways to get inside, then you will be with others. If you’re afraid of the others (you might not be if you’re alone too long) I hope your oxygen holds out for a long time. Either way, write down all of your thoughts and draw pictures of animals, so that if someone from someplace else finds your work, they will know more about who you were. I hope you remembered to bring things to grow for food and I’m sure you have plenty of water too, right? New beginnings can be exciting. If you ask Richard, I’m sure he’ll write something wonderful for you and then you will be happy wherever you are. You can trust him.

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