The Dream Takers

What’s worse, being told you’re not good enough, or not being told anything at all? That is a question I have asked myself many times. Is it better to be ridiculed and move on, or left wondering, wondering and wondering again. I wondered for far too long and would help others avoid such a lack of hope. And my personal answer to the question is, both. You’re all good enough.

There are so many people out there who think themselves a lesser person, not good enough, undervalued and forgotten. They shouldn’t. But I can say this with a certainty I would never have done in the past, there are wondrous hidden gems in this digital world just waiting to be polished. I could name many, (that’s saying something for a man with no memory) but it wouldn’t be fair on those I didn’t list. There are turns of phrase, twisting of words, photographs from superlative angles and with stunning shades, poems that move and poems to laugh to. The list goes on. Every word has value and every image deserves praise. If you can recognise this and strive to be better at every turn, you’re on the road to happiness. I know.

Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. Never let anyone take your dreams away. Never let anyone stop you being the you you want to be. We aren’t here long enough for regrets.  

65 thoughts on “The Dream Takers

  1. Thank you, Richard, for it was you that first gave me hope that anything I had to say was of value. ❀

      1. Of course, you would say that!! I miss you, friend, but still admire every word you write.

  2. Yes, I believe we all struggle with this on some level…especially those who come across as cocky! Thank you, Richard! You are an excellent writer & I enjoy your work. Have a fantastic day!

      1. Would you like me to take a peek? I’m terribly outspoken when needed. I’ll happily stand up for another.

      2. That’s fair enough. I’m always happy to speak out but then I don’t always know when to shut up.

  3. What a lovely read on this rainy dark Monday morning, Richard. Some well-needed encouragement for all of us. Thank you for putting it in words. These kind of posts are the little gems that make it all worthwhile when you believe you’ve hit a dead-end.

  4. Being compared to a sibling…being told you were never really what somebody wanted….being accused of being clinically insane when your life fell apart….yep. I have run the gamut with these things and I’m still frozen.

  5. We all deal with insecurities in some form or another. It is good to keep focused on what is important to the ‘self’ and not to please others. You can never please everyone in life.

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