I am being stretched.
Filament by filament,
I unravel.
It is a slow unwinding,
A ponderous affair,
But the inexorable
Skew towards nothingness has me.
I can neither resist nor retract,
Stabilise nor step back,
Though I would if I could.
At some point soon,
All too soon,
I shall cease to be
And those who have known me
Shall fall in my wake
Like lost smiles.
Then, what will I be
But my own legacy.
What will I be
But a dream.

21 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. OH wow I like this! It’s the first on my reader. Oh yay! I loved seeing you here! Where am I? I love this poem too! I think I’m there somewhere. I’ve always liked the word nothingness. It reminds me of the futility in trying to figure anything out! 😀

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