The Unicorn Dilemma.

“Does he have to come?”
“I can’t see any reason why he shouldn’t.”
“There’s only one of him.”
“That’s hardly his fault. If we were to base the future of the planet on copulation, I think we’d be doing everyone a disservice.”
“That’s what I’m saying, he can’t.”
“He can just not with another unicorn.”
“God has spoken, Noah.”
“I know. I know. But it’s in the interpretation, isn’t it?”
The unicorn watched from his berth at the prow of the ark. He didn’t like arguing and especially so over he. The other animals regarded him with downcast faces and shaken heads. They pitied him and that made him sadder. He listened as Noah came up with suggestion after suggestion, but didn’t hold out much hope. He knew eventually the decision would be his to make. ‘C’est la vie,’ as the skunk had said to the black cat.
“We could cut off his horn, then he’d pass for a horse,” Noah continued.
“Hm, maybe not.”
“He can’t stay.”
“But we’ve already lost the dragon, the minotaur and misplaced the wendigo. We have to draw a line somewhere, it’s what makes us human.”
Noah wiped away a tear that merged with the rain he’d not even felt.”
“It’s beginning.”
“I know,” said Noah. “I know.”
The rain came down like an overturned bath. The heavens let loose such a storm as to make the world tremble and Noah grit his teeth. His choice was made as the ark lifted from the ground: the unicorn had to go.
They searched everywhere for the single-horned wonder that was the unicorn for three days and nights. The ark was big but not so big as a creature could hide that well.
The answer came with a constipated lion. What he passed was conical and comical. At least, to the hyena. The unicorn was gone. And the world Noah loved, lost another unique gem.


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