Celebrating with Vienetta 

I celebrated setting up my Amazon Author pages (at least in the US & Uk / no mean feat for a TechnoJerk) by eating far, far, far, far too much Wall’s Mint Vienetta. I am an extremely healthy person and am now regretting this. Or am I?

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated nor sponsored by Vienetta. However, if they would like me to endorse their product by signing a multi-million dollar contract, I will. When I can move again that is. 😁

19 thoughts on “Celebrating with Vienetta 

  1. Ha Ha! That was funny Richard! But you will ‘live’ since you only indulged yourself once. I’m a vegetarian, but even I moan and groan when passing by the ice cream aisle.

    And a belated congratulations on your recent publication! Your readers, I am sure, are just thrilled for you! I know I am! And keep ’em coming! We love you and your work!

  2. Richard, that’s a great author page and I particularly liked your bio. I hadn’t realised you were born and bred in Yorkshire – it’s part of me as I grew up there and even as young I appreciated the moors every day! Your dream writing location sounds idyllic…bet the internet access would be rubbish though!

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