How Will You Know? (Editing, an Unfortunate Truth)

Here are my top ten tips for knowing when you may have been editing too long.

Everything is fine until dinner break and then this happens.

  1. You put your soup bowl in the microwave but forget to fill it with soup.
  2. You cut more finger than bread with your breadknife.
  3. You then butter said finger.
  4. You get angry when the television won’t turn on, but then remember you have to plug it in first.
  5. You then proceed to curse at the remote control for not working when, in fact, you’re holding your phone.
  6. You can’t understand why your spoon feels awkward in your hand and realise you’re still holding the damn phone. Addendum: You then realise you didn’t fetch a spoon.
  7. You give up and go to make a coffee almost blowing up the kettle as it contains no water.
  8. Storm to the sink and turn the tap on full blast saturating yourself in the process.
  9. Finally, relieved and happy, you sit back on the sofa with your coffee mug between your legs but lean back too far. You are also too tired to care that your crotch is now soaking and drink what’s left of your coffee.
  10. Last of all, in an effort to complete a task that should’ve been done with hours earlier, you regather your writing equipment: headphones; leads; thesaurus; phone (yes, him again) and sit down to realise but not really care, you’ve forgotten your laptop.

This was a public service announcement from the ‘What The Hell Am I Doing Party!’

PS on a lighter note, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who liked my Facebook Author page yesterday. I now have enough likes to customise its address which I shall be doing soon. (God Help Me!!!)

44 thoughts on “How Will You Know? (Editing, an Unfortunate Truth)

  1. Oh dear. I do a number of those. #5 happens quite a bit. I stare at the phone and can’t figure out why the TV won’t turn on and why the buttons don’t make sense. Ha ha ha.

  2. Oh goodness! I hope you’re dry and combobulated now. (If you can be discombobulated, it stands to reason, you can be the other too. But it’s probably good I don’t edit anything…)

      1. Lol! You must have been tired if that wasn’t immediately apparent. 😬😉

      2. So maybe that’s why you didn’t notice the hot coffee! 😄 I hope you feel better now.

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