Becalmed, Bewitched, Broken.

Those eyes,
Oceans of violet waves and indigo memories.
How I drowned in her gaze,
A sailor taking one last breath as the sharks nipped at my toes.
Work lungs.
Goddamn it!
The kelp of her long, lustrous eyelashes entangled my heart twisting and turning.
I was but a barnacle, a limpet to her,
Yet like they, I would not let go.
Not yet.
Not ever.
She smiled,
A sweeping tide rushing over my shore, my soul, my everything as I struggled to comprehend all that she was, would and had been.
A goddess with a wry sense to tease her disciples,
She winked.
Time paused.
All others were lost to universal oceans.
All I knew was her.
All I wanted was her.
All I was, was whatever she wanted.
She might have moved as whirlpools of lust sent me spiralling head over heels.
Around and around, I spun,
Dizzy before her as she giggled at my plight,
Covered her mouth in a polite bow to social etiquette.
Then, perhaps in pity,
Perhaps, something else,
She reached out.
Her eyes drew me towards fingertips that teased the promise of more,
And gently, ever so gently, moved me aside.
She swept away to other shores leaving me
Becalmed, bewitched, broken.

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