The Redhead (Jorio)

Freckles set her apart

Each patterning my heart

Fiery, red hair intensified

Until burning, I blinked

12 thoughts on “The Redhead (Jorio)

  1. On behalf of all the redheads in the world who are reviled, though I myself am not a redhead nor do I possess freckles, but appreciate nonetheless the art of one who can make beautiful that person who oft is held cruelly in jest. It staggers me having lived in the UK how much redheads were the butt of jokes whilst here in the USA they are often considered great beauties. I knew some redheaded men who felt really destroyed by how ugly they were seen by fellow Brits and I for one could not understand it – given there are more redheads in the UK than the USA. Redheads originally come from Persia and Asia Minor. I would think as rare things they would be valued. Your poem does them justice. On a banal note it reminds me of the Playboy collection of Redheaded Pin-Up Girls (not porno just tasteful) it was a great book far better than the Blondes and perhaps not as good as the Brunettes 🙂

    1. That’s true. I don’t know why redheads get such a bad rap especially with so many people dying their hair these days. Makes no sense. Everybody’s beautiful in some way.

      1. You’re absolutely right. And hair color is the last important thing. But maybe it speaks of a cruel social need to relegate some and judge others. In which case I believe all redheads should run away, create an Isle of Red and be envied and perfect in exile

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