Unbreakable, She Dances

Adorned in scarves of rusting shackles, she twirls amidst the nightscape gloaming

It is her time, the quiet time, the time when others can’t see her dance

With fireflies and fairies, she jingles and clinks trapped in a marriage of the unappreciated

She is nothing, a nobody, a slave, he says from vile upturned lips

But, he hasn’t seen her dance nor twirl nor leap

Nor shall he

For she is unbreakable with a spirit stronger than the irons she bears

She is a creature of freedoms unparalleled and imaginations beyond his ken

She will out-think him, out dream him, outlive him

And she’ll smile at his threats and laugh at his disdain

She’ll bow with a smirk and cook as though feeding the maggots with parched earth and unctuous swamp

Sleep with one eye open, fists clenched and heart tight

But when those lying eyes close

Oh, when those lying eyes close

She’ll twirl once more in her unbreakable way right out of the door

As she has from the time her lips first said ‘I do’ when they meant ‘I won’t’

And she’ll dance in the shadow of the sleeping day and cry with tears of exultation and release


40 thoughts on “Unbreakable, She Dances

  1. It was inevitable that I should love this. It speaks to me in so many ways and it is beautiful in the true sense of the word. you also used the word ‘ken’ which is a personal favorite so this gets an air-conditioner delivered directly to your door πŸ™‚

      1. ah he mentions cake so now I have to contend with COSTA and the idea of cake. This is NOT going to be an easy day.

      2. The moral of the story is to have more confidence than a spineless twat (that would be me) and not let everything crush you (that would be me) and grow some cajones! (okay so not literally but you feel me;) )

      3. Rubbish. There’s no one in this world with less self-confidence than me. It took me twenty years to show anyone, ANYONE, my writing and now I couldn’t care less as long as I like it. Just turn off to them.

      4. Really? Well then my suspicions that we may have been separated at birth could possibly be more accurate than at first imagined as I hold second-place in the low-self-confidence-stakes. It makes me smile both sadly and with some mirth because I know you are a wonderful writer and it is a smile of the absurdity and topsy-turvy life we have, where those who write well do not believe it, and those who believe it, are often, well, nuff said

      5. I thought it was the left that was the Devil? Oh now I’m all turned around! Alas!

      6. I love that image. Do you want when you wake up tomorrow to try to write something each on the subject of having a scar on your left side from losing your twin? Just a thought. I know you’re not a ‘challenge kinda guy’ but it’s just us, and we’re practically family πŸ™‚

  2. okay i am ready for more!! πŸ™‚

    as for people who tell one how to write.. some of us can’t some of you can.. somedays i might pull it off..but the at the end of the day it is what inspires me and makes me feel good… and I am my own worst critic…

    an avid reader, I am hooked..

    Kind Regards and more of that Sunshiny crap – K
    (Of the Black Wall Blog and Writer on Success Inspirer’s World)

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