Conjoined Ghosts

I wrote this after a discussion with my evil twin….I mean long lost sister….I mean separated for her own good wonderful writer….I mean Candice ;p

You may know her better as The Feathered Sleep. Please check out her wonderful blog.

This rippling scar,
This reminder of you, or is it me?
Like saw teeth biting,
Snapping at memory,
Transgressing upon this reality,
This false impression of life;
It pains me,
I am in pain:
Are you?
Like a compass, I am drawn,
Pulled in your direction,
For I am missing
That which was taken
Abducted by force,
Stripped from my skin, our skin,
That other part of me
Who shared the womb,
Shared a space, our space;
Shared a heart
And still do.
Yes, I feel you in these stitches
That I would wrench from my side,
Tear from this wretched epidermis.
I feel you like a ghost,
Feel you like a reflection.
Do you feel me?

19 thoughts on “Conjoined Ghosts

  1. GOOD GRIEF I needed this today! Well actually R I need you every day, your mind and your wit at least πŸ˜‰ My separated other self. I must rush and do something in response. I’m SO glad you didn’t forget and SO gutted that my side didn’t match your beautiful words yet … your evil and loving sister xo

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