Hateful Words

Words cut deeper than any weapon, for they strike at the soul
They seek out the sanctity of self, and twist
Experience says they do not let go, not for a second
There is no retreat, no safe place, no remorse from such hate
For you carry it deep; it inveigles in falsehoods as well as pain
It is easier to turn and walk from war than spit away a word
Those that cast them know this all too well
And we know in so doing, they are pathetic and weak
Perhaps it is time to put away shared pride
And simply tell it to their faces

A good friend of mine has been affected greatly by hateful words of late and I for one wish her to know, we are with her, not them.

29 thoughts on “Hateful Words

      1. The closer one is to the abuse, the deeper the cut. This year has been a rude awakening for me in that the bullies are running for President of the United States (and people are cheering for them). Despite the tender-hearted who work behind the scenes every day, my country worships violent leaders. No wonder bullying is on the rise. I wish your friend discernment and peace.

      2. Unfortunately, the bullies are being tolerated and accepted by bystanders. So, those words are still there. The way people talk about those they don’t even know will only add to their own humiliation in the end. I really do believe the truth prevails. I was bullied as a child and this post has caused me to reflect deeply. I feel a poem coming on.

  1. The power of the pen and the mouth, if we give it that power. One person’s opinion remains that – their opinion, not truth.
    So sad they express it to hurt and bully – both for them and their target /prey.
    I’m with Dorinda here – Thoughts with your friend..

      1. So true – and often the quiet know that to break the silence may just inflame ‘the gob’ and make matters worse! It’s a crazy world!
        Your piece is very well written. 😊

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