Security Breaches – Be Vigilant

Sorry if you’ve wondered where I’ve been just at a time when I needed to be about, but awful things can happen.

I am careful to the point of paranoia with passwords and the like even using a specialist app to make unbreakable ones. Yet someone did break it. I had my Outlook and Microsoft account breached (fortunately, I barely use either) and it has taken almost a day to sort and correct all associated passwords.

I only noticed something odd when I received a Microsoft email saying thanks for logging into my email on a new device – I hadn’t! I traced it all through and someone had got my email details. I have no idea how?

So the main reason I wrote this post was just to highlight how careful and vigilant we all must be these days. I don’t trust anyone or anything, so my conscience was pricked by what happened immediately but many people would have ignored it. Whatever you do, DON’T! 

I hope this might help avert a disaster for you, as it almost was for me.


PS. Apparently Outlook is one of the worst for breaches so make your passwords really strong.

24 thoughts on “Security Breaches – Be Vigilant

  1. I never use Outlook for that specific reason. Also, FB is having issues with security. Profiles are being cloned and people think it’s you. So if you ever get a friend request from me, it’s NOT me!! Report the profile to FB 🙂

  2. One of the reasons why I don’t use Outlook or Apple’s email system, Richard. However, there’s always a risk with whatever you use. You do right by saying be vigilant and to check any strange notification regardless of how strange or silly they may seem. I still get phone calls from Microsoft’s computer security department saying they’ve detected a strange virus on my computer, yet I have an Apple iMac! I usually play games with them and pretend they are calling me about a broken microwave or a broken scooter. They soon get fed up and hang up.

  3. Great post….just yesterday I received an email from Facebook that someone had attempted to log into my account from a new device…fortunately they shut it down and I like you wondered how someone could figure out the password….anyway…caught in time and I am now going trough my stuff changing passwords just to be safe!!

      1. In blogging we open so many sites it is hard to imagine we will not fall prey to a hacker. I suggest everyone use security such as Kapersky, Norton, or other reliable blockers, even then we are susceptible to intruders. It is frightening.

      2. haha! I want to use one on my pc. It recently downloaded Windows 10, just like that, with a five minute warning. Holy….

  4. Did you know that an insanely jumbled mess of letters and numbers (those supposed super cryptic encryptions) are easier for a computer to crack than an actual passphrase? Think of a sentence or a series of words. And my husband lines to create fake answers for those security questions, and he’ll log them in our password database. So if someone knows you lived in Crescent drive as a child, won’t get the question right if you say you lived in Elm street. Just some ideas that came to mind.

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