Me-How the Hell Did He Get Up There?

Now, I don’t want you getting all protective or too worried about this cat because, in truth, he’s playing ya. There’s lots of sparrows nesting in this guttering and this fella’s waiting for them thanks to some unsupervised scaffolding at the back of the house. He even smiled for the camera.

Normally, when I walk past this house there’s a cacophony of twittering sparrows but today there was only a cat-cophany (see what I did there) of hungry meowing. 

I don’t know if he’ll get his tweetie-pie supper but if this cat hangs around much longer it’ll be bats not cats on the agenda. 

Amazing what you see if you can be bothered to look up to the clouds.

PS. I saw a different cat up there last week and my wife thought I’d made it up. She said I was known for storytelling. I was shocked, as you can imagine! This is my evidence of roof-scaling felines and the lengths they’ll go to for munchies.

23 thoughts on “Me-How the Hell Did He Get Up There?

  1. Hahahaha. Let’s see if the cat is successful eh. We have a cat here on our base. A little kitten actually. He’s a stray and tries to hide out in a gutter tube thing. I He’s so cute and has the littlest meow. I went home and got some little tiny dog food (cause I have a 0 sized yorkshire) to try and lure him out and pick him up. Super scared. I tried to get him by the neck, but he freaked right out and ran away. Awwwww.
    Have a great weekend.
    p.s. Love this @Amazing what you see if you can be bothered to look up to the clouds. I think it may have given me some inspiration.

  2. Love it! The sky is all dramatic in the back of the cat, as if both are plotting something. I can even hear suspense music LOL … ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. I am sure it did. Cats are good at that. Two nights ago Jasper was out and it was storming really bad for almost two hours, but he came home unharmed and not even wet. I was so happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Iยดm quite sure that cat is stalking you, and then he called his other friend for rotation to keep an eye on you. So you actually had to take a picture of the thing to show it to your wife so she could believe you, thatยดs the downsinde that happens when you are married to a storyteller…….

  4. I saw a plump kitty catch his Lunch in Paris at Notre Dame (a pigeon). Then years later, I was back in Paris, telling the story to a friend, at Notre Dome, and……a furry friend caught lunch in front of us, again. Might have been the same avid hunter – not sure.

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