Dark Thoughts, Dark Heart.

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12 thoughts on “Dark Thoughts, Dark Heart.”

  1. You are a dark man, as a matter of fact I think you are Dark Vadaer.
    P.S. Great read, and that is an excerpt from your book, quite cool. I will eventually buy it when I´m in better economic times.
    P.S-2 , If you become a renound world famous author, one, can you not forget me and send me some checks my way and, two, could you tell people that I was your mentor? Is not asking too much, plus I´ll pay you with the some of the money of the checks you send my way. I think is a good deal.
    P.S-3. Being serious, and is hard for me, I will tell you that if I could I would love to buy a book of yours.
    Have a great Sunday Mr. Ankers.

    1. I’ll let you in on a secret, Charly, I can’t afford one myself. Not yet anyway. If I get chance to come across a copy I’d be glad to send you one. I have it as a digital copy and you’d be welcome to one.

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