Soothing Waters

Please take some time to read my good friend, Sebnem. You will not be disappointed.



The leaves of the tall eucalyptus trees along the narrow road sang an unfamiliar song in the warm breeze. Murmurs, mutterings of ghosts from another life, in a quaint language I had not heard before, yet understood.

“Come,” they said, “just follow the road.”

So I did, though it was twilight, but fear didn’t cross my mind. Where the eucalyptus trees ended, a horse carriage waited. The driver beckoned me with a smile. I rode the cab that took me down the path between the orange orchards all the way to the edge of the sea.

I thanked him and stepped down. The full moon illuminated the beach and the waters of the bay. To the right, colourful beams of life from the slow town danced upon the water, to the left a haphazard composition of dim lights twinkled like fireflies on the ancient sites.

There was music without music…

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13 thoughts on “Soothing Waters

  1. I didn’t see right away that you shared this and as I read I thought this doesn’t sound like Richard… 😁

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